Bamboo Beads

normal_aureabeadsDSCN0550a.jpg Bamboo Beads $5.00

A selection of 30 beads approximately 3/4 inch length - you may specify the outside diameter as I can custom make the beads for you.

    I make four different styles of bamboo beads.

  • Style R - Running bamboos have a flat ridge on one side - beige color

  • Style B - Bambusa species are totaly round - beige color

  • Style N - Phyllostachys nigra beads are brown in color and have a flat ridge on one side

  • Style S - "sesame seed" beads are running bamboo beads with the flat ridge on one side but they are speckled
All beads are polished and sanded on both ends and are beautiful!

Beads pictures here are Style R (Phyllostachys aurea)

please choose style and specify outside diameter
bamboostars5IMG_0037xsm.jpg Bamboo Star Ornament $5.00

Decorate with a 5 pointed bamboo star with bells attached. A perfect compliment to any holiday tree. Designed by Carole Meckes.