Bamboo Windchime

minibbbranchwindchimesm.jpg Bamboo Windchime Kit $5.00

This is a bamboo "branch" windchime kit that includes 8 bamboo branch pieces with the holes already drilled. The bamboo branch pieces range from 5" to 7" in length.

Here are the Instructions 1 cross piece with 9 holes drilled plus 7 pieces of bamboo with hole drilled on top.

Additional Supplies (not included in kit) C-lon string another cord that will go through the hole or wire. 14 beads (can use beads that are imperfect) Preferred glass beads or other beads that have some weight to them.) Instructions: 1. Lay out your cross piece and the seven pieces of bamboo that will form the wind chime. 2. After you are satisfied with the layout - thread the string through the hole in the top of one of the chimes and attach it to the crosspiece. Proceed to attach the rest of the chimes to the crosspiece. There are many different ways to do this - you can leave some of the strings long to use later to attach the glass beads to. 3. After you have attached all 7 chimes - take the beads and attach a bead to a string and tie it to the crosspiece. Use different lengths of thread for the rest of the beads as you attach the beads to the crosspiece. The beads will knock against the bamboo and make a sound. 4. Attach a final cord at the holes on each end of the bamboo crosspiece - this will be the cord that you use to hang the wind chime from.