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I started working with bamboo in 1991 when I purchased a house that had an established bamboo grove. As I started grooming the grove and "debranching" poles - I wondered what I could do with all the small branches and thats how I came up with the business name Bamboo Branch.

A few years later, I started making bamboo beads from the bamboo branches. Today my favorite bamboo activity is still making bamboo beads and I also take great pride in grooming my bamboo grove.

I'm excited about a new bamboo star ornament, adorned with bells, which I designed for the holiday season.

If you are in the market for bamboo poles or are searching for some smaller pieces for bamboo craft projects feel free to contact me or text me at 512-906-8250 and I'll try to find you the perfect bamboo pieces to work with.

Carole Meckes Austin, Texas USA

bamboostars5IMG_0037xsm.jpg Bamboo Star Ornament $5.00

Decorate with a 5 pointed bamboo star with bells attached. A perfect compliment to any holiday tree. Designed by Carole Meckes.